This next year will be an exciting one as we continue leverage new innovative technologies to deliver unparalleled patient care and support for our clinicians. (Read More)

Epic. 2019 in review.

In 2019, we continued to build on Epic to expand our offerings to support exceptional patient care. We’ve accomplished several banner achievements during 2019 focused on make things safer for our patients and easier for our clinicians.

This new technology that we’re implementing next year that will improve how we care for our critically ill patients. (Read More)

Virtual ICUs. Better care for critically ill patients.

You know about virtual health care visits, and maybe you or your kids play virtual reality video games. Now, virtual technology is coming to the ICU.

In IT, our philosophy is similar – to design solutions that work for our patients, clinicians and staff. (Read More)

CIO Corner.

Mobile devices, Amazon and homes equipped with smart thermostats, security systems and light switches – these and are just a few examples of technology we’ve come to embrace in our everyday lives.

Today, biometrics isn’t just for law and order. Increasingly, it’s becoming an important part of health care. (Read More)

Biometric devices virtual visits. How they’ve changed patient care.

The FBI wrote the book on fingerprinting. They took responsibility for managing the national fingerprint collection nearly 100 years ago. But the ancient Babylonians actually pioneered this biometric identification back in 500 B.C.

Where you live, your income, home situation, the type of job you have – these factors can significantly impact how well you’ll heal following a hospitalization. (Read More)

When life circumstances affect health. What happens next?

What happens when homeless patients are released from the hospital? How will they refill prescriptions for chronic conditions? What about someone who returns to a home with domestic violence?

Actually, now you can find out your estimated costs, thanks to a new online tool. (Read More)

Estimate your out-of-pocket medical costs.

Trying to budget for medical procedures and tests – not any easy task. After you’ve had knee surgery, an MRI or cardiac stress test, all you can do is sit back and wait for the bill. It’s not like you can just go online and get an estimate.