While COVID-19 has impacted us in many ways, both personally and professionally, it’s also significantly impacted technology. (Read More)

CIO Corner.

This month marks a year since we treated our first COVID-19 patient and went on lockdown. Many of the technologies we've developed since those early days of the pandemic not only helped us then, but will be with us for many years to come.

More specialty areas in Epic helps to provide our patients with a more seamless experience, while helping clinical collaboration systemwide. (Read More)

New Epic enhancements. Seamless patient care.

Earlier this month, we celebrated five years since we launched Epic. Since then, we’ve continued to improve Epic by adding several specialty-specific modules.

Teams and its likeminded counterparts (Zoom, WebEx, etc.) are here to stay and have drastically changed the platform in which we conduct business and engage with one another. (Read More)

Collaborative technology is here to stay.

Last year, the pandemic propelled the speed of the launch of Microsoft Teams at Houston Methodist. It didn’t take long to realize that virtual chats and conferencing programs were not only embraced, but also necessary.

With the lockdown, social distancing and revised hospital visitor policies, patients needed a way to connect to their care team and loved ones’ care. (Read More)

MyChart. A must-have for your health.

Since COVID-19 began last year, Houston Methodist MyChart use has skyrocketed. This online patient portal brings your medical records, treatment plans, test results, patient education, virtual visits and so much more to your fingertips.