Combined, our four fundamental priorities shape the decisions and direction of IT at Houston Methodist, benefiting our patients, providers, clinicians, staff and the broader Houston community. (Read More)

CIO Corner.

Houston Methodist has a strong foundation centered around innovative solutions. That’s why it’s only natural that IT’s fourth and final guiding principle is supporting efforts related to digital innovation.

Make sure you are aware of the latest changes for your role. It’s easy to find your Update Companion and review summaries of the top changes. (Read More)

March 6 Epic Update continues our commitment to safety and efficiency.

On March 6, Houston Methodist will upgrade Epic with workflow and design changes to maintain the highest levels of patient care and safety and ensure we remain current on the latest enhancements and improvements.

Partnering with clinical and operational leadership, IT teams review our catalog of nursing applications, tools and systems to ensure they promote better patient safety and greater clinician efficiency. (Read More)

Building a bridge between nursing and technology.

In IT, we strive to empower caregivers with the best tools and resources to do their jobs. Our partnership with nursing shapes technical decisions and project planning, benefiting our patients and clinicians.

Our customer service commitment continues in 2022 as we create more efficiencies and self-service options for you. (Read More)

New year. Renewed focus on you.

Getting technology support when you need it so you can focus on more important things — like our patients and doing your job — that’s the goal of the IT Service Desk (formerly IT Help Desk).

Utilizing voice technology is relatively simple in design and functionality. Using just a vocal command, clinicians can pull up patient information from Epic, like recent lab results, medications and allergies. (Read More)

Voice technology revolutionizes the OR.

On December 10, for the first time anywhere, a Houston Methodist surgeon utilized voice-enabled technology during a surgical procedure, laying a foundation to transform how we care for our patients.