We remain resolute in protecting our systems, employing multiple safeguards. (Read More)

CIO Corner.

More than 90% of health care organizations have experienced a data breach in the last three years. Because we take the security of our networks, applications and data seriously, we’re constantly preparing and adapting our Houston Methodist systems to address these threats

The power of our voices has made navigating technology so much easier and our lives suddenly a lot simpler. (Read More)

Just say the word. Technology is listening.

Try to imagine life without using your voice to ask Alexa to play a song, tell your phone to call your mom or speak to your remote control to find your favorite TV shows.

If you take the bait, criminals can disrupt our Houston Methodist computer systems and steal confidential or sensitive information. (Read More)

Fish is for dinner. Phish will eat your lunch.

What’s a phish, anyway? Simply put, phish are fake emails that cybercriminals use to launch 91% of their attacks. Hackers disguise emails to look like they’re from someone you know and trust.

We're providing our patients with Apple® iPads to use while they’re in the hospital. (Read More)

Patient engagement at the bedside.

These days, you’d never leave home without your cell phone. It’s a lifeline that connects us to loved ones while providing tools for comfort and convenience. But what happens to that connectivity when you’re hospitalized?

We're partnering with Microsoft to offer a unique opportunity for our staff and physicians to be part of a Teams Champions group. (Read More)

Be a Teams Champion.

Meet me on Teams. If someone said that to you a year ago, you probably wouldn’t know what they were talking about. Since the pandemic, tools like Microsoft Teams have become critical ways to connect us at work and at home.

It measures things like the patient experience, mobile tools, patient access, population health and more. (Read More)

Houston Methodist earns prestigious Most Wired award.

Who says 13 is unlucky? For the 13th consecutive year, we’ve received the annual Most Wired award for outstanding achievements in using technology to improve patient care.