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Changes will enhance patient care, as well as improve productivity and usability for patients and staff. (Read More)

Epic Upgrade. Coming Feb. 11.

Less than a year since the entire organization went live on Epic, teams are preparing for an upgrade. On Feb. 11, we upgrade to Epic version 2017.

Without this big chill, biospecimens can undergo changes in their molecular profile, corrupting any clinical trial results. (Read More)

Baby, it’s cold inside. Biobanking requires it.

Who knew you need -200°C to preserve live cells. For a chilling comparison, the dark side of the moon is roughly -173°C. So, even that’s not cold enough.

Our team of dedicated IT professionals has delivered an outstanding set of technology solutions, preparing Houston Methodist for a very solid future. (Read More)

CIO Corner.

During my time at Houston Methodist, our vision for technology has centered on making it easier. We’ve focused on making things simple, intuitive and mobile.

First, she decides to call her doctor’s office. They transfer her to a nurse who asks about her symptoms. (Read More)

The nurse is listening.

Your mother’s feeling ill and may go to the emergency room. She’s burning up with fever and her throat feels like she’s swallowing glass.

An avatar named Molly mimics a nurse’s bedside manner, asking questions and providing daily monitoring between doctor appointments. (Read More)

The avatar transforming home health.

Shortness of breath. It’s one symptom of congestive heart failure, a chronic condition affecting 5 million people in the U.S. Meet Molly. Your virtual RN.