With the upcoming Epic Q4 2019 Epic Update scheduled on Nov. 17, we’ll be on Epic’s most current version of the software. (Read More)

Epic. Updates that matter.

Houston Methodist was recognized by Epic Corp. for maintaining a Gold Star level 8 during its annual user group meeting in August.

Natural disasters, security breaches and unexpected facilities issues are unpredictable, and disaster readiness in the digital world is a key focus. (Read More)

CIO Corner.

It’s always hurricane season in IT. In the same way we physically prepare for natural disasters, we maintain a constant state of readiness with our technology systems that support the clinical and business sides of the house.

We’re integrating disease site patient goals and escalation plans in Epic to streamline clinical decision-making and documentation. (Read More)

After surgery. Helping patients heal.

It’s been 30 hours since Dr. Haas’ patient came out of colon resection surgery. The bedside nurses have been documenting the patient's pain scores, mobilization and other indicators.

Today, we’re innovating with a new clinical care advancement – integrating IV infusion pumps into Epic. (Read More)

Intelligent infusion through smart-pump integration.

Johannes Gutenberg’s combination of movable type, oil-based inks and a workable press revolutionized bookmaking and our ability to share knowledge.

With the IllumiCare Smart Ribbon Upgrade, providers and pharmacists get new features that improve efficiency and improve patient care. (Read More)

Smart Ribbon. Now, smarter.

Smart Ribbon technology gives clinicians patient-specific risk and cost data where it’s needed the most — at the point of care.