But here’s where it gets real — helping our patients walk again by building machines here on terra firma. (Read More)

You saw the movie Iron Man, right?

Ever since he shot across the sky a decade ago in a self-made rocket-propelled exoskeleton, Iron Man charged viewers’ imaginations, some dormant since the JFK space age.

The last thing on his mind was the sophisticated medical device integration his surgical team would rely on. (Read More)

Surgery. Making all the machines talk to each other.

Twenty-eight-year-old Andrew was being prepped for hand surgery due to an injury. He even joked a little throughout the prelude to anesthesia oblivion.

Fitbit, blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar monitoring and Apple Health Kit (activity and health info) – our modern healthcare currency. (Read More)

Every step counts.

"I need to get in my steps for today.” If you wear a Fitbit or Apple Watch, you’ve probably said that. If you don’t, you’ve heard a colleague say it, high-stepping the long route to the copy machine.