These digital nudges propel us to achieve 10,000 steps per day, pump up our heart rates and get enough sleep, to name just a few health benefits. (Read More)

Health tracking. Kicking it up a notch.

Counting steps, tracking heart rate, checking your sleep − if you’ve made electronic health monitoring a lifestyle, you already know the difference it makes.

We set out to answer one critical question. If physicians see all the information about treatment costs and patient care in one place, will they make decisions that lower costs? (Read More)

It’s the Everest of health care.

The nexus of better patient care and lower financial costs – that’s a striking, unintended finding from a recent cost-transparency pilot that saved nearly $464,000 in the first six weeks at one hospital.

But you may not know about the surface web or deep web. You use these two, so it’s good to know what they are. (Read More)

Dark web. Deep web. Surface web. What are those, anyway?

You’ve probably heard of the dark web. It may conjure up images of nameless, faceless criminals engaged in any number of nefarious activities. That’s true.

This year marks the 11th year we’ve received the prestigious Most Wired award. (Read More)

Houston Methodist receives prestigious Most Wired award.

A global healthcare IT organization has once again recognized Houston Methodist for outstanding technology implementation and adoption.