Physician-to-physician secure messaging. Get the app.

You’re a physician and want to text a colleague about a patient. Maybe you also want to include a photo of the patient’s leg injury. Before you hit send, be sure you’re complying with HIPAA.

PerfectServe Synchrony is the Houston Methodist standard for HIPAA-compliant secure texting, calling and sending photos. Use this app instead of your phone’s messaging.

It’s easy to use.

It’s available for all phones and tablets. Setup is easy, and the app is simple to use. Download PerfectServe Synchrony from your phone’s app store. Then call PerfectServe at 877.844.7727 to get set up.

“You can start messaging right then,” said Dr. Nicholas Desai, Chief Medical Information Officer.

“Your hospital’s provider contact list comes preloaded, so you don’t have to worry about adding your colleagues to your contacts.” You also can customize your contacts.

New features.

You can see all Houston Methodist providers in your database, not just your hospital. It’s also searchable nationwide by specialty, hospital, physician office location, by first or last name or practice name — with providers who have PerfectServe. And, it shows actual distance the provider is from you, like GPS on your phone.

Executives, physicians and midlevel providers.

All executives, physicians, residents, fellows, nurse practitioners and physician assistants can use PerfectServe Synchrony. Some clinical leaders also can use it.

Currently, 1,924 physicians and clinicians systemwide have downloaded the app.

Where to find help.