Ambulatory and HMH now live on Epic.

Two major milestones. Thousands of physicians, staff and patients. Epic success for our organization.

Financial indicators are strong with minimal revenue cycle impact.

The Numbers. Ambulatory – July 19.

  • 50+ Specialty Physician Group clinics, 235 physicians and 540 staff
  • Physician champions, residents, project team members and SPG and IT leadership rounded in clinics
  • 100+ super users and 200 at-the-elbow support contractors in the field
  • 17 training courses, 291 sessions and 30 training tracks offered
  • 120+ staff in the Epic Command Center
  • One more SPG group set to Go-Live Nov. 1
  • Community hospitals to Go-Live in three waves in 2017

The Results.

  • Workflow simulations with the ambulatory team identified and
    eliminated issues before Go-Live
  • Help desk ticket counts trended lower than anticipated
  • Technical team “outposts” located across several strategic areas
    helped quickly resolve issues

The Reviews.

  • “I’m having a blast.”
  • “The doctors are entering orders, they aren’t frustrated and we are able to find the ATEs when we need them.”
  • “Our biggest issue is that we have 100 small issues.”
  • “On Wave 1 we worried about everything because we didn’t know what to worry about. Now we can focus.”
  • “I just don’t know what all the hubbub was about.”
  • “I’m doing good. Leave me alone.”

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