New paging systems. Better reliability.

One for daily use. One for mass notification.

Nurses paging physicians. Food and Nutrition Department sending group pages alerting staff about cooking times. Code Blue. Code Silver. We depend on reliable paging systems to take care of business.

Daily paging. Reaching individuals or groups.

We replaced our outdated system with a new robust one that’s expected to reduce paging outages by 99 percent. Our old system couldn’t handle the HM volume, leaving us with outages three or four times a month.

It’s easy to use. Click Amcom to page someone. Click here for more information.

Mass notification. Sending emergency pages.

Some messages are critical. Codes. Disaster preparedness. Large-scale system outages.

Our new mass notification tool can page multiple devices and specify messages that require a response. It also can track responses. So we’ll know who got the message. And who we still need to reach. This cloud-based paging system ensures it’s always available.

We get improved reliability. The new mass paging system helps ensure you get the message. It synchronizes with the MARS employee directory. So be sure to keep your contact info updated in MARS.

Coming soon. New nurse call system.

For now, nurse call systems remain the same at all hospitals. They’re currently on several different systems. But later this year, we’ll move nurse call to a single system.