Making collaboration easier. WebEx upgrading to the cloud.

WebEx. It’s an online meeting tool that lets you meet, but skip the trip across town. Lead or attend meetings remotely. Your conference hotel room, the airport. Anywhere.

If you’ve been using WebEx, here’s what’s new.

If you’re a WebEx user, here are a few improvements. Host meetings with up to 1,000 attendees. Canceling one meeting in a series is now easier – just cancel the single meeting, with no extra steps.

Also, the URL has changed from to Use the new URL to host or attend meetings on your smartphone or tablet, too (first, install the WebEx app).

Another improvement — all Houston Methodist employees can use schedule or attend WebEx meetings. Non-employees can attend WebEx meetings, but can’t host them.

People are using it. And now, it’s even easier.

Since launching two years ago, the number of WebEx hosts and attendees has more than tripled.

If WebEx is new to you, here’s what you need to know.

WebEx works on most mobile devices as well as your computer. It functions like a webinar, with conference call audio and onscreen display that you control. Share your screen to show a presentation, website or documents.




November 2014



November 2015



November 2016



Conference call capability.

Let your meeting call you. No more dialing in, no more meeting IDs and passwords. Click the ‘Call me’ button, and your desk phone rings.

You can program in your cell phone or other numbers in the ‘Call me’ section to participate remotely. WebEx remembers all the numbers your program in. Just drop down to the number you want whenever you’re joining a meeting.

Schedule online meetings from Outlook or WebEx.

It’s easy to set up a WebEx as part of an Outlook appointment. Just click ‘Add WebEx Meeting’ from the top bar. You also can schedule meetings from — from there, just click ‘Login’, then click ‘Schedule a Meeting’.

Need help getting started?

That’s easy, too. Check this site,, or contact the IT Help Desk.