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Get real-time MASS Alerts on applications you use most.

I need more email. Said no one, ever.

But if Epic, MethOD, MARS or another system you use is down for an hour, that’s something you want to know about.

Stay in the loop. Simply.

MASS — Methodist Alerts Subscription Service — is the fastest, most convenient way to keep you informed about downtimes.

“These tailored notifications help you stay informed about the status of systems most important to you,” said IT Director of Patient Access & Web Strategy, Brad Shaink.

Easy to sign up.

By signing up for MASS, you’ll receive email alerts at your Houston Methodist account, anytime the systems you select go down — with updates, status and next steps.

  • From the intranet, type ‘mass/’ in the browser tab (top of web page). Be sure to review settings in MS Outlook rules to ensure alerts go to your Inbox
  • After creating an account with your Houston Methodist Network ID, select from among 130 applications listed under “My Subscriptions”