Making collaboration easier.

Virtual meetings are here. WebEx, an online meeting tool, lets you meet, but skip the trip to another location.


Lead or attend meetings remotely. Your conference hotel room, the airport, anywhere.

WebEx works on most mobile devices as well as your computer. It functions like a webinar, with conference call audio and on-screen display that you control. Share your screen to show a presentation, website or documents.

People are using it

Date Hosts Attendees
November 2014 200 1,484
January 2015 427 2,532
June 2015 300 2,050
November 2015 471 3,077

Conference call capability.

Let your meeting call you. No more dialing in, no more meeting IDs and passwords. Click the ‘Call me’ button, and your desk phone rings. You also can program your cell phone into the ‘Call me’ section to participate remotely. WebEx remembers all the numbers your program in. Just drop down to the number you want.

Schedule online meetings from Outlook.

It’s easy to set up a WebEx as part of an Outlook appointment. You also can schedule meetings from Record your WebEx by clicking “Record” at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to download your WebEx within 30 days. It auto-deletes after that.

Who’s involved?

Only Methodist employees can host a WebEx meeting. HM management systemwide is already set up with host capabilities. Non-management employees can sign up to host WebEx.

Up to 100 people can participate in a WebEx. If you expect more than 100 attendees, contact the IT Help Desk at least 72 hours beforehand to set up your meeting.

Changes or cancellations. It’s different from Outlook.

With WebEx, if you cancel a single meeting, you’ve canceled the series. Two workarounds include 1) sending an email saying you’re canceling a particular WebEx or 2) deleting the meeting, and sending a new meeting invitation for the rest of the series.

Need help getting started?

That’s easy, too. Check this site,, or contact the IT Help Desk.