Disease reporting.

Zika. Pertussis. Ebola. SARS. Some diseases are tagged to trigger case reporting as a matter of public health policy. That can mean a lot of paperwork.

But we’ll be piloting a better way – electronic case reporting – with the City of Houston Health Department and Epic Systems.

Houston Health Department collaboration.

The City of Houston Health Department has chosen Houston Methodist and Epic Systems to partner with them in developing a new method. Electronic case reporting.

Together, we’ll be turning the page in reporting triggered diseases.

Required public health reporting. More efficient. More accurate.

Electronic case reporting will reduce our current workload that involves plenty of paperwork. It also includes automating the reporting process for the triggered diseases.

This gives us more time for our prime directive – patient care.

Another benefit – electronic case reporting means less follow up from public health agencies. That’s because we’ll more efficiently be able to proactively provide the disease information.

Leading technological development to meet federal guidelines.

Electronic case reporting will become a new public health measure for the 2018 Meaningful Use program.

Meaningful Use is a federal program to encourage healthcare providers to use health information technology in ways that are more meaningful to patient care and engagement.

Working with the Houston Health Department and Epic Systems to develop this capability with Epic here — that places us at the forefront of this national initiative. This collaboration positions us to play a lead role in developing electronic case reporting.